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Dr. Barker & Dr. Rohner typically extract teeth due to fracture, infection, and/or loss of bone support. Infection develops when germs find an entry into the nerve (pulpal tissue), typically due to decay or fracture. Certain fractured teeth cannot be restored and have to be extracted. If the fracture enters the nerve (pulpal tissue), infection usually results. The treatment of choice to replace an extracted tooth today is a dental Implant.

If indicated, Dr. Barker & Dr. Rohner offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), Oral Sedation, or IV sedation when extractions are necessary for ultimate comfort.

Extraction Before & After

Before and After Extraction Raleigh Dentist
Tooth #14 was fractured beyond repair and was extracted. A dental implant was placed and after a short healing time an abutment and crown was placed on the implant.