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Root Canal Therapy is the removal of infected tissues inside the tooth. Treatment is accomplished through accessing the infected tissues and using specialized dental files to remove and clean the root systems of the tooth. A bio-inert material is then filled into the root system of the tooth and a permanent restoration (often a crown) is placed over the treated tooth.

Conditions requiring treatment: Teeth, just as any other part of your body, can become infected. The infection usually is caused by (1) a deep cavity entering the nerve of the tooth, or (2) traumatic injury to the tooth, such as a fracture. The infection forms an abscess that will require examination and testing for accurate diagnosis. An abscessed tooth is nearly always evident with an x-ray. A tooth with an abscess may not necessarily need to be extracted, because a dental procedure commonly called root canal therapy will control the infection and allow healing. This treatment can save your tooth and avoid the harmful effects of tooth loss.

Treatment: An opening is made through the top of the tooth into the pulp chamber of the tooth. The tissue is carefully removed from all canals inside the tooth using small dental files. Once the tissue is removed and the root is appropriately shaped, Dr. Barker or Dr. Rohner will fill the canals with a root canal filling material. Typically after root canal therapy a final filling and crown will be required to prevent fracture of the tooth.

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