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Conservative Periodontal therapy or "Scaling and root planning" is a non-surgical approach to treating periodontal disease. Typically the gum tissues are numbed in the area requiring treatment and a combination of ultrasonic and hand scalers are used to remove deposits from below the gumline. Depending on the severity of pocket depth and bone loss around the teeth, further treatment beyond regular follow-up maintenance may be required.

The periodontal system is similar to the foundation of your home. Breakdowns here manifest themselves in tooth loss, infection, looseness of teeth , etc. Thorough diagnosis of the supporting structures of teeth is critical in maintaining health. The correlation between oral disease and general health are clear and we know that problems related to periodontal infection can lead to heart problems, low birth weight, lung infections, etc. We constantly monitor the health of the periodontal tissues and use the latest techniques to remove infections and stabilize these tissues including both surgical and non-surgical care.

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