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Ceramic CrownsRaleigh, NC

Ceramic crowns are typically used to improve the strength and aesthetics of teeth.  There are many of types of porcelain crowns such as:

Feldspathic porcelain crowns often provide the most natural and translucent appearance.

Porcelain fused to pressed ceramic crowns, such as EMAX.  E-max crowns are stronger than feldspathic porcelain crowns and can offer comparable aesthetics. 

Monolithic Zirconia crowns offer both excellent aesthetics and strength. The newer zirconia materials provide better translucency and beauty than previous generations.Zirconia crowns provide strong durable restorations and are a good alternative to crowns containing metal.

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Drs. Barker & Rohner utilize a Trios3 intraoral scanner rather than traditional impression material to capture the preparation of your tooth. This new technology allows for superior accuracy, shade matching, and more expedited turn around for your new crown.
trios 3  Prep Image  Trios shade matching


Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Ceramic Crowns Before and After
Left Photo: Erosion due to acid (lemons). Right Photo: E-max ceramic crowns

Feldspathic Crowns #8 & 9

Ceramic Crowns Before and After
Left Photo: discolored filling repair Right Photo: Feldspathic crowns #8 & 9

E-Max crowns

Ceramic Crowns Before and After
Left Photo: Old crowns with receding gum line showing tooth structure underneath. Right Photo: E-Max crowns